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Welcome To Equipt4 LLC! 

If you're looking for quality products and best in class customer service, you've come to the right place! At Equipt4 LLC, we provide our customers with top quality products and take pride in making sure all are completely satisfied. The result is loyal and happy customers that buy from us over and over again. We are continually adding new products so stop by often and see what's new. Check out our products by clicking the links below.  Read our customer reviews. See what people are saying. We back all our products with a 100% customer satisfaction promise.  At Equipt4 LLC,  we put the word "Care" in customer care!



"I tried the Interactive Cat Wand this weekend and my cat loves it. Right way it caught his attention and went right after it. I will highly recommended this to all of my friends who own cats."
"I've never owned a lemon zester before. I had been using a cheap cheese shredder that had a small grating area that I used for lemon was tedious and time consuming. I LOVE this zester! It's easy to use and fast!  I'm going to purchase one for my mom! "
"Omg everything in our house had pick shaped holes in it right now haha! This thing is so cool! I bought my fiance this for his birthday since he's ALWAYS losing his picks so as long as he doesn't misplace this he will never be without one! Definitely a killer deal for a nifty tool :)"
"This tapestry is absolutely stunningly beautiful!  The vibrant colors really amazed me. And it was a lot bigger than I expected.  It's great quality and even comes with 4 flower push pins for hanging it on the wall.  My daughter immediately asked if it could go in her room and that's where we put it.  It looks great and all her friends ooohhh and aaahhh over it!"



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